SFDC File Exporter

Export unlimited attachments & files in one go! Export files using 'SOQL' OR 'CSV File' A highly reliable and secure tool Ease to use and user-friendly UI 

Are you struggling with exporting a large number of files and attachments from Salesforce? Look no further than the Salesforce file exporter! This handy tool allows you to easily export/export documents from Salesforce and mass file download Salesforce data.

Introducing the Salesforce File Exporter: Say Goodbye to the Hassles of mass downloading Attachments and Files!

SFDC FILE Exporter is secure, powerful & highly optimized tool that has ability to export all files & attachments from Salesforce in its original format. You can either specify ‘SOQL’ OR CSV file as input to download mass files, documents, attachments & static resources from Salesforce.

Note: None of your Salesforce data is sent to our servers. You can install this tool on your local machine and all your files or attachments will be downloaded on your local machine only.

With the Salesforce file exporter, you can quickly and easily download all types of files and attachments from your Salesforce account, such as PDFs, Word documents, and image files. Not only does this save you time and effort, but it also helps you ensure that your data is secure and accessible even if you experience data loss or corruption.